Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Be sure to visit our 'Everything Nanaimo' website at www.nanaimo-info.com

What You will Discover at Nanaimo-Info.com

For example, with the 'click of a mouse' you can find the current conditions at either BC Ferries terminal, in real time. You can also access up to date activities and events taking place in Nanaimo and surrounding area, Job listings, emergency phone numbers, bus schedules and routes, city hall contacts including councillors and mayor, local members of government Federal and Provincial, Yellow-ePages (find business numbers in seconds), tide tables, local weather, city maps, gas price comparisons, often called phone numbers, things to do in Nanaimo (listing everything from Air Cadets to Windsurfing with over 160 listings in 72 categories) and lots of useful and interesting information about Nanaimo, with the 'click of a mouse'. There is a page titled 'Free Ads' which is provided as a means of free advertising for new business people in Nanaimo. Check them out, they will be eager to please.

You will find yourself saving a whole lot of time when you make NANAIMO-INFO.COM your first stop for helpful information.

When is the next ferry?........ Check NANAIMO-INFO.COM

When do the city buses run? ....Check NANAIMO-INFO.COM

Where is the local chess club? .Check NANAIMO-INFO.COM

How do I contact the Mayor? ....Check NANAIMO-INFO.COM

Need a city map? .............. Check NANAIMO-INFO.COM

What are local gas prices? .....Check NANAIMO-INFO.COM

Things to do? ..................Check NANAIMO-INFO.COM

What is the weather forecast? ..Check NANAIMO-INFO.COM

When is the next high tide? ....Check NANAIMO-INFO.COM

In short, if you can't find it at NANAIMO-INFO.COM let us know and we will find it for you and include it on our site.

Check out NANAIMO-INFO.COM, then add it to your favourites or bookmark the site and refer to it often.