Wednesday, May 09, 2007

What Flower is This??

Can anyone here with a green thumb help me. As all residents of Nanaimo know, gardening is one thing the climate here is well suited to. We live in an older Nanaimo home with an equally old flower garden.
The above flower is one which comes up very faithfully for us year after year, and in fact seems to expand quite nicely. Now for the question; my wife calls them bachelor buttons and I call them pincushions. Are either of us correct or is it known by another name?
Thanks in advance to the avid Nanaimo gardeners who can help with this simple question. You can post your comment to this thread if you wish, or send your reply to


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  1. John David Gardening19 June 2009 at 16:42

    The leaf shape is more spear like than the photos I could find of either plant.

    The photo I found here has a similar leaf on the gomphrena globosa or Bachelor's Buttons.

    Although I think the closest leaf on a modern cultivar can be found by entering Scabiosa caucasica in the search bar at
    Your flower is the hardest to find a photo of.



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