Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Not so 'Light' I am afraid

I usually keep the topics on this site on the 'light' side, but today I have to make an exception.

The local daily paper, reports the incident of two grade 8 girls getting into a fight at Fairview School. One of the girls pulled a knife and stabbed the other seriously wounding her. The doctors described the wound as coming close enough to the heart to have been a life threatening wound.

The police took the assailant into custody, but later that night, released the girl into her fathers custody! I presume this is because she has not been charged?

Still this is an attempted murder, not some incident of hair pulling! What kind of system sends a potential murderer back on the street as if it were some minor incident?

They say justice is supposed to be blind, but in this case I think it seems, has lost it's mind.


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