Saturday, May 12, 2007

What Are They Doing??

They are doing the prep work for what Nanaimo absolutely is in need of; that would be yet another traffic light on the highway! LOL
Seems, that after all these years, people can't figure out how to cross the road to get to Terminal Park Shopping Centre.
If you are travelling through Nanaimo, you already know, it is just hurry up and wait, at the next light.
So am I a big fan of more lights? Guess?? Having said that it may be a good thing, provided there is someway to sync the light with the one at St. George Street, to the immediate south of this intersection.
Aw.....Nanaimo....Shopping Malls and traffic lights, but still the absolutely number one, best place to live in all of Canada, or the world for that matter.
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