Tuesday, June 12, 2007


The Sports Fan

Take your dad to a game of his favourite sports team. Not only can you cheer on the team, you can take in some beers and hot dogs, and have some good old-fashioned quality time together.

It's a day early but the Timbermen have a game on June. 16 at 7:30 in the Nanaimo Ice Centre on 3rd St.

Better yet, why not get active this Father's Day and engage in a game of your own? Play a sport of your choosing - something you will both enjoy. Gather a group together for some soccer or enjoy some down time on the golf green.

The Nature Lover

Father's Day is in June, which offers the perfect weather to enjoy the outdoors. If your dad is a nature enthusiast, look into planning an outdoor adventure that you can enjoy together. For example, camping is a cheap weekend getaway from the city, and it can be suitable for all ages. If you are looking for a little more adventure, think about mountain biking, horseback riding, and trying out some rock climbing or white water rafting lessons. It can be an opportunity to experience something different and exhilarating.

Spend some time at Buttertubs Marsh, Westwood Lake or Pipers Lagoon to name a few of the great options in Nanaimo.

The Sentimentalist

If you think your dad would appreciate something sentimental and sweet for Father’s Day, the best thing you can probably do is plan a quiet day at home. Spend the time to put together a memory book. Or try your hand at poetry and tell your dad in writing how great he is. It is a good chance to get closer by conducting a laid-back interview. Ask him some questions and have him tell you some stories. All fathers have when-I–was-your-age tales to tell.

If there are children in the family, there are plenty of crafts they can get involved it. What father wouldn’t love a homemade photo frame or hand-painted mug?

The Adventure Seeker

If you can find the time to do some planning, why not design a fun game, such as an elaborate scavenger hunt or a race around the city involving clues and challenges à la "Amazing Race." You can gear these types of games towards adults and younger children.

If you aren't into planning, take the adventure seeker in your life on a fun-filled road trip. Explore a new location and take in the sites. If your father is brave enough, why not suggest skydiving or bungee jumping? After all, bungee jumping is one of those activities that people come to Nanaimo for, and we have it right here all the time.

The Intellectual

If your guy is the quiet and academic type, he may enjoy a stimulating day at the museum or the art gallery. These locales may not be your cup of tea, but remember, it is your father’s special day. He may also appreciate a day browsing through a bookstore. Take a book home and read it together.

Any Dad

If your father doesn’t fall into one of these categories, there are plenty of activities you can plan. For example, breakfast in bed, a movie, or dinner at his favourite restaurant. Why not perform a secret act of kindness like finishing his chores for him? How about wash and detail the car for him? Little things like these will go much appreciated by any man.

You can also book a relaxing massage for your dad. Or why not get involved in one of his hobbies or pastimes? Let him teach you something he loves doing. It makes for great bonding time.


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