Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Have the birds called on their big brother?? It is kind of an ironic twist, if you think about it. Usually our local feathered friends have to worry about felines taking them home for supper. Well, it could be the 'worm has turned'.

The local daily paper reported that several pet cats have gone missing of late. The area of Jinglepot Road near the Shady Mile Market is the site of the recent disappearances.
Of course the area is still quite rural and a house cat is probably the right size for a local eagle or perhaps even a cougar to take home for supper.
I am reminded of a story my son (who is an arborist) told me. It involved a man going to climb and cut down a large old tree. In the top of the tree was an old eagles nest, and in that nest there were quite a number of cat collars.
Keeping puss indoors is probably a good safety precaution all round. The local little birds would probably think it a good idea as well.