Friday, July 06, 2007

An Intersection or Public Park??

This is the actual controlled new intersection at Terminal Park. Pretty much what I expected when it was announced the decision was made to install lights here. The following pictures show the grand boulevard leading up to this light. It has to be the most elaborate piece of highway anywhere in the mid-Island. And it is in Nanaimo!

This boulevard stretches basically from the St. George St./Terminal Ave. intersection to the new lights at the entrance to Terminal Park.
It boasts landscaped plantings, sod covered grass complete with underground sprinkler system and quite a number of good sized trees, not to mention more lights than any other intersection I have seen almost anywhere.
As much as it makes for an attractive piece of highway there are a few things I wonder about. It is not that long ago, when there was not enough money to cut the grass along the side of the highway....remember? I remember knee high grass at the picnic tables at Long Lake which was overgrown for lack of grass cutting funds.
So why install a boulevard complete with grass, trees and landscaping, which is obviously going to require ongoing maintenance? Why not something with little or no maintenance?
One final thought, I wonder what the merchants in the Starbucks part of Terminal Park will think of the reduced visibility to southbound traffic those nice trees will provide, when fully grown?
I know the government has lots of money, and I am pleased with the appearance of this addition, but I can't help but wondering "are we really rolling in all that much money, we can spend it this elaborately?"


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