Wednesday, July 25, 2007



If you are a Nanaimo resident you drive by it many times in the course of a year. Yet, have you ever stopped and actually gone inside?
I have lived here since 1970, and I can't say I remember actually going inside until just the other day. It is funny what you take for granted, when it just becomes a part of the landscape.
It is an amazing structure and given it is all constructed from hand hewn timber, from original old growth fir, and is made without the aid of nails, it is clearly a testimony to the builders of the day.
It was built in 1853 and is Nanaimo's oldest building and perhaps the second oldest in the entire province. It is the oldest freestanding Hudson Bay Company fort in North America.
There are three floors in total with two cannon situated on the second floor. When you stop by, consider what it would be like to fire one of those cannon in that confined space!
So, next time you're down that way, don't just drive by. Come by before noon, listen to the lone Piper, witness the cannon firing and then take in the Bastion, from the inside.
You won't be disappointed.
For more information about Nanaimo's Bastion click here.


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