Tuesday, July 24, 2007



Last Saturday the Lion's Pavilion in Maffeo Sutton Park was the scene of the SPCA's popular 'Pets on Parade' fundraiser.
Pets of all shapes and sizes participated in this crowd pleasing event.

Picture #1 SPCA Thanks everyone for supporting their worthwhile cause.
Picture #1 There was a good crowd on hand for this years event, even if the weather was not perfect.
Picture # 3 The tuffest contestant without a doubt. ' Come on, I'll take ya, an three more just like ya!'.
Picture #4 I'm sure this dog is saying ' OK, I'll wear this stupid thing, but only if you don't tell any of my friends, and I get special treats for a week'.
Picture #5 If you could read this dogs mind, I'm sure you would hear, ' Is that a CAT, is that a CAT, let me at him'.
Picture #6 Yes, it was a cat. And the felines were seriously outnumbered by the canine participants. I'm not sure what would happen if this cat's owner had let go???

If you missed this event, you missed an entertaining parade. If you have a pet you think might win, be sure to enter next year.

It's all for a good cause.


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