Monday, July 23, 2007



Picture #1, crew performs last minute check before launching at Brechin Boat Ramp.
Picture #2 The first Commodore of the Fleet watches the event at Swy-a-lana Park.
Picture #3 The crowds gather at the Lagoon as the sun makes a welcome appearance. Not a drop of rain!
Picture #4 The Steam Tub in the harbour 'lets off steam', plays a distinctive note or two.
Picture #5 And they're OFF, a mad dash for lead position, as over 50 tubs turn the harbour into a foaming mass of dangerous sea!
Picture #5 Tubbers jockey for position, while simply trying to stay afloat, and make it out of the harbour!
Picture #7 Departure Bay Beach was packed as the sun came out, and crowds gathered to see the race winners.
Picture #8 The final dash to the beach and run to the finish line.

The 41st annual Nanaimo Bathtub Race was a roaring success, with over 50 brave souls risking life and limb, pitting man and machine against an angry sea. Gail force winds gave all tubbers a lumpy, bone jarring ride.
Over 30 competitors were able to finish the grueling course and ring the bell at Departure Bay Beach.
There was lots to enjoy at the Beach, with the salmon bbq on a bun being a tasty highlight of the day.
Hats off to all brave competitors and their crews, and the organizers and members of the LNBS who once again put on a great event!


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