Monday, July 09, 2007


The sand and swimming area at Long Lake are a great place to take the kids to enjoy the weather we are having. It is also popular with folk who simply don't like swimming in the ocean. Bring shovel and pail and add to the sand castle collection already present.
Enjoy these great summer days in the great outdoors, and this is a wonderful place for just that.

These local 'Canadian' residents enjoy the benefits of Long Lake, pretty much all year round. If you are inclined to feed them. please observe the posted sign showing what is good food for them. Not being people, they will eat anything put in front of them whether it is good for them or not. Wait a people will sometimes do that too. Pass me another piece of pecan pie, if you would.
As lovely to look at as the geese are, it is good that local health authorities monitor water quality during the hotter days of summer.
To check the water quality of local beaches use this link LOCAL BEACH REPORTS.
While the great weather is here... ENJOY...ENJOY....ENJOY.



  1. You go north on the Island Highway, you will pass Country Club Mall on the right, and then turn at the lights just after the Chevron Station, take the first left and continue until you come to the lake.


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