Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Police roadchecks are on now

ICBC, police and the provincial government are reminding motorists of the dangers of drinking and driving and urge you to plan a safe ride home.

Despite decades of impaired driving awareness, drinking drivers are still responsible for approximately one in 10 injury collisions in the province, and about one of every four fatal crashes involves alcohol.

"Police roadchecks are on now, so plan a safe ride home this holiday season," says ICBC Loss Prevention Manager, Brian Sargent. "You or your passengers could be injured or killed in a crash, and you risk losing your licence, time in jail and possibly a criminal record."

In 2005 there were approximately 1,030 alcohol related crashes on Vancouver Island. Out of those crashes there were about 690 injured victims and 21 fatal victims. Those statistics are higher than the previous year 2004, when there were approximately 920 alcohol related crashes including about 640 injured victims and 17 fatal victims.

While drinking and driving results in an unacceptable number of crashes, there are other consequences for consideration as well. Having your vehicle impounded, paying stiff fines or facing jail time with the promise of a criminal record for life, could all have a serious effect on your holidays, not to mention the rest of your life.

CounterAttack police roadchecks were introduced 30 years ago and continue to be a successful element of the police campaign. They are on now, up and down Vancouver Island, and will take place throughout the holiday season. If you expect to drink, don't take any chances. Plan to take a bus, call a cab, arrange for a designated driver or phone someone for a ride. If you're having a party or gathering, have plenty of non-alcoholic options available and make sure all your guests have a safe way to travel or insist that they stay.


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