Saturday, February 23, 2008



It is reported in the local press that a recent visit by two representatives of APP has left Harmac workers optimistic about the future of the pulp mill.
The Asia Pulp and Paper officials were not saying anything about the future of the aging mill which they officially take control of April 4. However, based on the nature of their questions local workers feel hopeful they plan to keep the mill in operation.
Some industry experts feel the local mill may be closed within a couple of years as it requires extensive upgrades to be more competitive in todays tough market. Others feel the fact APP also purchased a sawmill at Fort St. James is a positive sign the company would intend to use the wood chips at Harmac for pulp production.
The local mill employs over 500 people and has been a major part of the local economy for decades now. Closure of the mill would mean a loss of city taxes in the area of $4 million.


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