Tuesday, February 26, 2008



"The art of taxation is the ability to extract the maximum number of feathers from the goose, with the least amount of hissing".

This new carbon tax by the Provincial government is just another example of distracting the goose while a few more of the remaining feathers are being plucked!

How is putting more taxes on carbon based fuels actually going to reduce greenhouse gases? An example given was that the new tax would only cost you $20 per year if you drove a hybrid car as opposed to $68 if you drove a large pickup truck. Tell me, do you really think the guy driving the $50,000 truck is going to give it up in favour of a hybrid for $48 a year fuel saving? What a joke!

What governments on all levels seem to be missing, is that the old goose is just about out of feathers, in fact some of them don't have any left to give. What do I mean? If you took away Canadians credit cards, replaced 40 year mortgages with 20 year ones, most Canadians would see the impossibility of living off their after tax income right now, without adding any more taxes.

It does not matter what name you give the new tax, the goose is just about plucked. The only thing left is to throw it in the oven and cook it!

What will the carbon tax accomplish? It will allow governments to simply slip their hands a little deeper into an almost empty pocket, without anyone noticing.

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