Friday, February 29, 2008

Port of Nanaimo Convention Center Gets More Provincial Funding


Premier Gordon Campbell was joined by Minister of Economic Development Colin Hansen and Nanaimo-Parksville MLA Ron Cantelon today to announce $11 million in provincial funding to support Nanaimo’s vision of a green Port of Nanaimo Centre and a major expansion of the Nanaimo Airport.

“Our government shares Nanaimo’s vision to create a strong, diverse and growing community; and we are proud to form partnerships and work co-operatively to accomplish these important projects,” said Campbell. “Investing in a modern, green Port of Nanaimo Centre and an expanded airport will help build on Nanaimo’s growing role as a destination city, and create new economic opportunities and benefits for the residents of central Vancouver Island.”

The $5-million investment in the Port of Nanaimo Centre will support upgrades to “green” the facility, ensuring it meets Silver LEEDs standards. The upgrades will include a green roof, solar power generation, solar panel hot water heating, geothermal heating and cooling systems as well as plumbing fixtures and controls, lighting and carpets.

The Province is investing $6 million to help the Nanaimo Airport Expansion Project extend the runway by 480 metres to allow larger planes to land, and provide for new high-intensity runway lighting and improved navigational instruments to allow planes to land in inclement weather.

Nanaimo is seizing new opportunities to diversify and to grow,” said Hansen. “Together, the new, green Port of Nanaimo Centre and the expanded Nanaimo Airport are a catalyst that will spark new economic growth in the travel and tourism sectors here in the central Island.”

“This announcement opens the door wide to economic opportunity,” said Cantelon. “The greening of the Port of Nanaimo Conference Centre will brand Nanaimo as B.C.’s “green” city and be a magnet for those looking to see what the latest in green technology can do. The Airport expansion is vital to the entire mid-island region. This will expand the market reach of the new conference centre.”

The City of Nanaimo received $2 million from the Canada/BC Infrastructure Program to build the Vancouver Island Conference Centre portion of the Port of Nanaimo Centre. The City will also receive $5 million over five years from the Island Coastal Economic Trust. The Province previously provided $8.35 million to Nanaimo for the new Nanaimo Ice Centre, which was completed in 2006.

“The Province’s contributions to these two projects will help provide economic certainty as our city transforms itself to attract even more tourism and new business to Nanaimo,” said Nanaimo Mayor Gary Korpan. “Our partnerships with the Province, the Canada/BC Infrastructure Program and the Island Coastal Economic Trust have helped pave the way to a brighter, more sustainable future for our community.”

For more updated reports on the Port of Nanaimo Center visit this link.


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