Monday, April 14, 2008

BC Ferries Directors Get Fat Pay Raise

Chairwoman of the Board
Gets $35,000 Raise

The local press reports that the directors for B.C. Ferries will collectively get a total raise of $233,000.

The chairwoman, Elizabeth Harrison will see her compensation increase from $105,000 to $140,000 and Nanaimo's Tom Harris will see his increase from $48,000 to $63,000.

The question of political rewards is also hinted at with the report that Harris donated $11,000 to the Liberals from 2005 - 2007 and the firm Harrison works for donated $30,000 during the same period.

NDP MLA Leonard Krog of course is calling the appointments to the BC Ferry board a gravy train the Liberals use to reward their supporters.

To view B.C. Ferry Schedules for Nanaimo and to check the current conditions at B.C. Ferry Terminals in Nanaimo, use this LINK.


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