Monday, April 14, 2008

BC Ferry Schedule For Nanaimo Sailings

BC Ferry Schedules
Departure Bay Horseshoe Bay Sailings
Duke Point Tsawwassen Sailings

The following links will provide you with BC Ferry schedules for the Departure Bay Horsehoe Bay sailings and the Duke Point to Tsawwassen Sailings for the rest of 2008 and into the summer of 2009.
You can also check current conditions at both Departure Bay and Duke Point in 'real time' by following the links provided also. By using these links you can see if there is still room available on a sailing you are interested in or whether there might be a delay.

Departure Bay to Horseshoe Bay

Just click on the date to see the schedule
Jan. 7/08 - June 24/08
Jun 25/08 - Jly 28/08
Jly 29/08 - Sept. 1/08
Sept. 2/08 -Sept. 30/08
Oct. 1/08 - Jun 23/09

To view current conditions at Departure Bay

Click this link to Departure Bay Terminal

Duke Point and Tsawwassen Sailings


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