Saturday, April 19, 2008

Late April Fool Joke ????

Surprise Nanaimo Snowfall

This is one of those west coast deals, where it snows just to make you ask "why the heck are you bothering. don't you know it will be sunny and 7 degrees this afternoon?".

The weather office is warning another 2 - 4 cm this morning before this stops (warning issued at 4:45am Apr. 19).

There was a good 6 inches or 15 cm on the cars this morning at 4:30am and it shows no sign of stopping. April fools seems to have come late this month.

Do your plants and shrubs a favour and try and shake off some of the accumulated snow as it is wet and heavy and really bending things over.

Not surprisingly there are reports of power outages in various areas of the city this morning as heavy snow challenges tree branches and power lines.

Meanwhile our friends in Toronto today are looking forward to 22 degree temperatures!! They'll be telling west coast jokes today!

What's that you say ... 'at least you don't have to shovel it'?. Yeah... right!


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