Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Madill Equipment of Nanaimo Has Been
Supplying Heavy Logging Equipment Since 1911

It is reported that another of Nanaimo's forestry related companies is having financial difficulties.

Madill Equipment located on Labieux Road in Nanaimo employing about 90 people has been making specialty equipment for the logging industry since 1911.

The company has a 38,000 square foot facility in Kalama Washington and the 100,000 square foot plant on Labieux Rd. Nanaimo.

Madill produces rugged and advanced equipment which includes loaders, feller bunchers (pictured), yarders and harvester/processors which is much respected in the international community for their durability, reliability and performance.
No other details are available at this time as to the future restructuring of the company if that is a possibility.


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