Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Nanaimo Convention Center

Whatever Name You Use
All Roads Lead to
Port of Nanaimo Centre
Is it a conference center or is it a convention center? Is there any difference between a conference and a convention? Is it a center or a centre?

It was called the Nanaimo Convention Center, the New Nanaimo Convention Center, the New Nanaimo Center, the Port of Nanaimo Center and is also known as the Vancouver Island Conference Center. Confused yet??

I have had people come to my website by searching a whole variety of names, all referring to the new convention center on Commerical St. There is the Nanaimo convention center, the Port of Nanaimo Conference center, the New Nanaimo Conference Center... and on it goes.

In the process of doing a feature for nanaimo-info.com on the convention/conference center/centre, I came across the website for the Vancouver Island Conference Center which confused me as I thought it was now called the Port of Nanaimo Center or the PNC for short.

It turns out that whatever name you use, you are probably right! Confused?? Let me make this perfectly clear (if I don't confuse myself).

It was the Nanaimo Conference Center for a time, then the Port of Nanaimo as a result of a most generous donation got the right to have their name applied to the center, hence the name the PNC or Port of Nanaimo Center. However, the Port of Nanaimo Center is in name only and does not have any administrative position over conferences etc.

That is where the Vancouver Island Conference Center comes in; is it getting any clearer now? They are the administrative body responsible for promoting, booking and organizing conferences for the new center which is called the Port of Nanaimo Center.

If you or your organization need information about booking a convention/conference you can reach the Vancouver Island Conference Centre by visiting their website here or calling them at either 250-755-4487 or 1-866-430-MEET (6338).

The Vancouver Island Conference Center, operating out of the Port of Nanaimo Center (that's pretty clear) tells me the first convention is scheduled for the first part of June, but are not releasing any details as to who will have the honor of being 'the first' convention in the new Nanaimo Convention Center .... ooops I did it again.

For more information about the Conference Centre use this Nanaimo Info LINK.


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