Monday, April 21, 2008

Nanaimo Expands LEAP Benefits to Include 50 Free Swim/skate Passes

LEAP to Include 50 Free

Swim/Skate Passes for Adults

Mayor and Council for The City of Nanaimo approved to amend the Leisure Economic Access Program (LEAP) guidelines to allow adult clients currently in the program or who qualify for the program to receive 50 free swim/skate passes per year in addition to other benefits currently being offered through the LEAP program.

The LEAP program was introduced by The City of Nanaimo to the community in 1993 to allow improved accessibility for low income residents as determined by Federal Government guidelines. The goal of the program is to create more recreation opportunities for individuals who may not be able to access city facilities or programs due to income constraints. In its current format, the LEAP program provides for improved access to recreation through reduce fees, 50 free admissions for children, free locker tokens and free helmet and skate rentals. The Leap program provides 50% off four registered programs per year up to $40.00 and the Canadian Tire JumpStart program allows for 25% off up to $20.00 for qualified programs. Adults did not receive the 50 free admissions but were offered a reduced fee for admission in addition to the other benefits of the program.

By removing the financial barrier for general admissions for the adult participants and allowing for an equal amount of free passes as the children, it provides enhanced opportunity for low income families to recreate together. For more information about the LEAP program and guidelines to qualify visit or contact Parks Recreation and Culture at 756-5200.


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