Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Nanaimo - Woman Assaulted on Trail

E&N Trail near Highland Blvd.
Nanaimo Woman Assaulted
At approximately 3:30am on Saturday morning, a 20 year old woman was assaulted while walking on the E&N Trail near Highland boulevard.

A man walked towards the victim, acknowledged her, and immediately after he passed her by, the woman felt something come up around her neck and begin choking her. The woman struggled and screamed, causing the suspect to run off. The suspect was last seen getting into a cream coloured truck that was parked on Wilgress Road, in close proximity to Northfield Road. The woman was not injured in the incident.

Very few descriptors of the suspect and the vehicle were available to investigators, and extensive patrols of the area failed to locate any person of interest.

Police would like to speak with anyone who has information on this incident. Women are reminded to take basic safety precautions to protect themselves, which include not walking alone at night, carrying a cellphone in the event they require immediate assistance, and obtaining and reporting detailed descriptions of suspicious persons they encounter.


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