Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Nanaimo's Harbourfront Plaza Artwork

Harbourfront Plaza

Art in Public Places Project

Nanaimo’s Harbourfront Plaza will be getting some new public art as a component of the redesign of this community gathering space. The artwork is part of Phase 1 of the Harbourfront Plaza Improvements process that began in 2007. Council approved the concept called “Songbird” by two artists as the artwork that will be installed at the Commercial Street entrance of Harbourfront Plaza.

A Request for Proposals was issued in December and the response was strong. According to Larry McNabb, Chair Parks, Recreation and Culture “We received several concepts from local artists. The submissions were excellent and coming to a final decision was difficult for the selection panel. I think the citizens will be pleased with the artwork and it will be a welcome addition to the Harbourfront Plaza and downtown revitalization efforts. ”

The concept Songbird refers to the musical and industrial legacy of Nanaimo. The artwork will feature

  • A primary sculpture 24 feet tall and 5 feet wide in the shape of a tuning fork that will form an arch at the plaza entrance
  • The sculpture will weather to match the brick and pavement colors on the conference centre and the plaza
  • At the base of the tuning fork are images of sound waves created out of black and white stone pavers and will resemble piano keys.
  • The portal will be illuminated by light at night and is capped by a bronze bird.

For more information about the improvement plan for Harbourfront Plaza visit the City of Nanaimo website, www.nanaimo.ca.

For more information about the project contact Kirsty McDonald, Parks and Open Space Planner 755-7506.


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  1. its funny how the songbird tuning fork has nothing to do with diana krall or the diana krall plaza, i wonder what diana krall thinks about that


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