Monday, April 07, 2008

Port of Nanaimo Convention Center

Port of Nanaimo Center
or PNC For Short

Looks Like It Was Always There!

These pictures of the new Port of Nanaimo Center also known as the Nanaimo Convention Center show construction is moving right along with trades people busy all over the place.

It is being reported that already many conventions have been booked for the new facility which is scheduled to open in a matter of mere months from now.

You have to appreciate the architecture of this massive building. The first thing you notice when you take a close look, is that it looks like it has always been there! It is not some modernistic monolith which you might expect such a center to look like.

It looks like it was always a part of Commercial Street thanks to the different color of bricks used, the staggered frontages and roof lines, all combine to make it look like many different buildings, which is why it fits in so well.

Bravo to a well designed facility which hopefully will draw convention goers from all over the globe!

Soon they will know what we already know and that is Nanaimo is the Harbour City …. Growing Places!

For more information about the Port of Nanaimo Centre and how to contact the Vancouver Island Conference Centre visit this link.


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