Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Ron Cantelon Fish Farming Controversy

Local MLA Ron Cantelon
Favours Fish Farming
Local press reports would seem to indicate that our MLA thinks that fish farming is the way of the future for supplying the worlds appetite for fish.

First claiming he was misquoted, then claiming he did not understand a reporters question when he said he was misquoted, he says he stands by his original comments about 'hunting for salmon' not being sustainable. (I think that is what he said :^)

From what I have read Cantelon seems to be saying he thinks the west coast salmon fishery could go the way of the east coast cod fishery, thereby meaning that aqua farming for salmon is the way of the future.

It is not often that a politician says what he means and then sticks to it even if it means stepping on a lot of toes. Toes? Well, this is the west coast and there are still quite a few people making a living from commercial fishing. Then of course there is the inference that the DOF can't manage the fish stocks and will see them depleted sooner or later. I'm not sure what the First Nations think about abandoning the wild fishery in favor of fish farming, I doubt if they are in favor though.

But of course the whole issue has to be connected to global warming somehow, so that is being blamed for the changes in commercial fishing.

In this age of such political correctness it is refreshing to see a politician say what they mean and then stick to it.

You can contact Ron via email by using this link 'contact Ron Cantelon'.

Editors comment: I have tried farm salmon, and any I have had is a vastly inferior product compared to wild salmon. If Ron is right, and farmed fish is the way of the future, I guess I'll be eating more chicken. ;^)


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