Friday, May 23, 2008

Car For Sale Sign Brings Fine

Illegal in Nanaimo

If you plan on putting a for sale sign in your car, you better think again! It was recently reported that a local resident was fined $35 for having a for sale sign in his car window. The car was parked on the street in front of his house. There is also a provincial law banning for sale signs in cars parked on public roadways.

It seems a bylaw has been in effect for a long time in Nanaimo, however based on the signs around town the bylaw is not always enforced.

A spokesman for the RCMP said if the sign is obstructing the drivers view it can obviously cause safety issues. The police can use their discretion when it comes to issuing a ticket or giving a warning.

Editors Comment: If a car is parked on a residential street with a for sale sign, it would seem driving safety is not the issue. I would be interested to know what the real logic is behind this bylaw as garage sale signs are plastered everywhere, real estate signs can be posted near curbs also. As to obstructing your view that seems common sense, the same as loading your back seat so full as to obstruct your rear view is not likely the best safety move. Yet, you see trucks with no 'rear view' at all, and they are perfectly legal. Putting a sign on the side of your car would solve the safety issue, but would still run afoul of the bylaw regards being parked on a public roadway. Logic??


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