Thursday, May 29, 2008

Christian Revival in Florida

Lakeland Florida Revival

Going into it's 55th day of continuous nightly meetings which last into the wee hours of the morning; the Lakeland Florida Christian Revival is reporting literally thousands of people claiming to have been miraculously healed.

The revival led by Abbotsfords Todd Bentley of Fresh Fire Ministries also claims to have emptied 55 wheelchairs and have seen 15 people raised from the dead.

Bentley (who looks more like a biker than a preacher with his tattoos and tee shirts clearly has a passion for God which comes through in his preaching) says they have secured a permanent location for the revival for at least the next two months.

Apparently the meetings are being broadcast live each night on the website of God TV which also broadcasts on some satellite networks. The meetings are aired at 5:00 pm Pacific time and run for three hours.

The God TV website can be found using this LINK.


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