Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Coastal Renaissance Wins Technology Award

Captain George Capacci and Andrew Martin
receive ShipPax Award on behalf of BC Ferries


BC Ferries’ Coastal Renaissance won the prestigious ShipPax Award for Outstanding Ferry Technology for 2008.

The new Coastal Class vessel won the international award for taking the double-ended ferry concept one step higher, incorporating an economic diesel-electric propulsion system capable of achieving a 21-knot service speed.

“We are pleased to recognize the outstanding technological design features of Coastal Renaissance,” said Klas Brogren, Publisher, ShipPax Information. “BC Ferries and FSG Shipyard have set a new standard for passenger ferries with the innovation displayed in the design of the new Coastal Class vessels.”

Over 56 new prototype ships built last year from around the world were considered for the awards. BC Ferries was presented with the award at the recent 2008 Ferry Shipping Conference, attended by over 400 international delegates.

“We are extremely honoured to receive this esteemed award for the excellence in design, which demonstrates our commitment to the environment,” said Captain Trafford Taylor, BC Ferries’ Executive Vice President of New Construction. “Coastal Renaissance is fitted with numerous systems to make it one of the most environmentally friendly vessels in our fleet.”

ShipPax Information is an internationally recognized marine industry publisher with the largest database of passenger shipping information in the world. ShipPax Award was launched in 1999 as a means to stimulate innovative solutions in the marine industry. ShipPax judges promote noteworthy design features on newly-delivered ferries and cruise vessels.


  • Hot water generators are fitted with a waste heat recovery system that uses heat from the main engine cooling system to maintain the hot water demand of the ship.
  • Hi-Fog fire response system uses water instead of chemicals, so it is safe for the crew and passengers, as well as the environment.
  • The main engine employs highly efficient Flex Cam technology that allows for reduction of smoke.
  • The vessel is equipped with Transport Canada and IMO approved sewage treatment plants.
  • Wet waste is sent ashore for composing, dry garbage is compacted onboard and recycling is collected and sent ashore for processing.
  • Water from rain soaked or snow laden vehicles, which may contain oil residue, is collected on the cardecks and specially processed to reduce any environmental impact.
  • The vessel meets “COMF+” designation of the American Bureau of Shipping, which means that the ship meets detailed standards of comfort based on physical structure as well as noise and vibration levels.
  • The ABS comfort class designation was achieved by:
  1. Resilient mounts used for main engines and alternators
  2. Enclosing all passenger spaces with insulation
  3. Using computers to control the air flow in passenger spaces
  4. Installing propellers with skewed blades for less vibration
  • The vessel is designed to exceed the environmental standards of the Intermational Maritime Organization and US Environmental Protection Agency.
  • The ships’ four MaK engines are fuel efficient and have a fuel consumption rate of 178 gm/kW
  • per hour.
For complete Ferry Schedule information use this Nanaimo Info LINK.


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