Saturday, May 24, 2008

Councillor Brennan Says

Tax Dollars

'A Small Dollar Figure'

In an article in the Daily News discussing the differences of opinion on local council with the purchase of the church building on Victoria Rd.; councillor Brennan is quoted as saying the purchase was not discussed by councillors as it was 'such a small dollar amount'.

It seems the idea of spending over half a million dollars to house some local arts groups is considered small potatoes by those on council supposedly watching your tax dollar.

Mayor Korpan had called the purchase a waste of tax dollars as there are many suitable facilites already available for such groups.

Taxpayers were hit with a 4% tax hike this year, and with the closure of two key industries, who knows what next year will bring. The city has already gambled nearly $100,000,000.00 on a what is yet to be proven venture with the convention center.

The idea that continuing to spend tax dollars without public input would indicate some councillors have little regard for your tax dollar.


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