Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Harmac Workers Draft Business Plan

Harmac Workers Vote to Buy Mill

It is reported in the Daily News that a meeting on Monday night saw 200 laid off Harmac workers vote to buy the closed mill.

A number of the mills managers have agreed to draw up a business plan which would include the employees becoming shareholders of the company.

A union spokesman said they believe the mill could be a viable business enterprise with world pulp prices at $900 tonne.

They are working on a tight deadline as the courts could allow Western Forest Products to discontinue its vital supply of wood fibre if the mill remains idle after June 13.

Editors Comment: Perhaps a partnership with mill employees and the City of Nanaimo is a viable alternative to seeing the mill closed and sold in pieces as has been the fate of Madill Equipment. Those 600 jobs are likely the equivalent of at least 1400 retail/service sector jobs to the local economy.


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