Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mayor Korpan Against 'Pathetic' Choice

Church Building Purchase
A Complete Waste of Money

It is reported that Mayor Korpan has always been opposed to what he calls a complete waste of money, referring to the purchase of nearly a half a million dollar building to house some local arts groups.

Korpan is of the opinion that providing more theatre space downtown, will do nothing to revitalize the area. His opposition to the purchase is because there are already plenty of places for these performing arts groups to use.

The mayor is quoted as saying there are real needs downtown, but why spend our money on something we already have, it's pathetic.

Editor's Comment:
Much is said from city managers about senior governments not providing adequate funding to municipal governments. While that is likely true, all levels of government, seem to think their function is to continue to spend the taxpayers money as if there were no tomorrow. This is just another example of such mentality.
It was recently reported that the city 'found' money, which resulted in taxes not going up by the 7% earlier reported. Would it be possible the taxes don't have to go up at all, if councillors quit spending, and kept finding??


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