Sunday, May 11, 2008

Moms Job Worth $125,000 Year

Study Shows Stay at Home Moms
Worth Six Figure Income

It is reported by Reuters that if moms were paid for cooking, cleaning, and family care these household executives would easily be earning $125,000 annually.

After surveying over 18,000 mothers to determine their most common tasks a salary compensation company calculated what they would earn if they were paid.

In Canada the 10 most common jobs performed by mom, would command a $125,000 salary, including overtime and almost $75,000 for a working mom in addition to her 'paying' job.

Jobs on the list included cooking, cleaning, machine operator, computer tech, psychologist, facilities manager, van driver. CEO and janitor. You could add to this list nurse, ambulance driver, sports coach, personal trainer, councilor, referee, purchasing agent, accounts payable clerk, gardener, etc. etc.

Contrary to modern myth, stay at home moms are not leading a life of leisure, in fact they are likely working harder than women with 'real' jobs!

So Here's to Mom's Everywhere
You Do A Most Important Job
Which Should be Honored By All



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