Thursday, May 08, 2008

Nanaimo Mayor Opposed to Purchase of Eagle Mountain Church Building

A Waste of Taxpayer Money
Says Mayor Korpan

In a letter to the media Mayor Gary Korpan said the purchase of the property at 25 Victoria Rd. is a waste of taxpayer money and urges taxpayers to make their wishes known to council members.
The members in particular he asks people to contact are Merv Unger, Larry McNabb and Jeet Manhas.

It is unknown if the $460,000 purchase could be cancelled at this late date but Mayor Korpan is urging taxpayers to contact council members before next Mondays council meeting.

Saying that there are many existing venues in the city which can be used by performing arts groups, making the purchase and renovation of property on Victoria Rd. a waste of money.
In the letter Mayor Korpan was speaking in the capacity of private citizen rather than as the Mayor of Nanaimo.

A list of contact numbers and email addresses for City Council members can be seen by clicking the LINK.

Editors Comment: How did the purchase of nearly $500,000 worth of property for a special interest group only become 'news' after the deal was done? Don't taxpayers have a right to know how their money is being spent. Was there a reason this was kept quiet until now?


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