Wednesday, May 21, 2008

RCMP Name the Foal Contest

Canada's national police force is asking for help from children and youth 14 years old and under to name six foals that will be born this spring at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Breeding Farm in Pakenham, Ontario. Some of these horses may one day be part of the world famous Musical Ride!

Every year, this contest allows the RCMP to connect with youth around the world. Challenging youth to find names for the foals provides a unique opportunity for them to be creative, said Sergeant Marc Godue of the Musical Ride Branch. Schools are also encouraged to submit class entries!

To qualify, entries must meet the following criteria:

1) Names must begin with the letter F and be between 1 and 6 letters long.

2) Entries must include the entrants name, age, address and telephone number, and the suggested name.

3) Entries must come from those 14 years old or younger.

4) Mail your entry to:

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Musical Ride Branch
c/o RCMP Name the Foal Contest
PO Box 8900
Ottawa, Ontario
K1G 3J2

Entries are also accepted on the Internet at: Please note that the criteria listed above applies to electronic submissions as well.

5) For school entries, please write school entry on the box or envelope.

6) Entries must be received (or post-marked) no later than July 3rd, 2008.

The winning entries will receive a number of RCMP prizes.

Winners will be announced in August of this year, and their names will be posted on the RCMP website. Winning names will be chosen by instructors of the RCMP Musical Ride Branch.

For more information on the contest, please contact:
Sergeant Marc Godue
Musical Ride Branch
(613) 998-0866


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