Saturday, May 31, 2008

Restaurant Staffing Issues

Staffing Issues Contribute to
Restaurant Closures

By the end of April the Vancouver Island Health Authority had issued seven closure orders to local restaurants. The same number closed in all of 2007.

Saying that a lack of good staff is a prime reason behind the closures as many people employed are not properly trained in safe food handling practices.

One case reported of Boston Pizza found that none of the staff working at the time of inpsection had a Foodsafe certificate.

Pete Maltesen, chairman of the upper Vancouver Island chapter of the B.C. Restaurant and Foodservices Association, said staffing is becoming an industry-wide problem. "That's a problem in the industry right now. Finding good employees or employees that are trained is a big hurdle."

Restaurants are not usually closed unless there has been a string of incidents.

If you would like to check your favourite eatery to see how it fared during the recent health inspection, then use this Nanaimo Info LINK. Click on the 'Food Facility Ratings' link at the bottom of the page then use the left hand pane to scroll down to Nanaimo and click enter. Restaurants are listed alphabetically. At the top of this page is a 'snapshot' of a report on the VIHA site of a well known local eatery.

Editors Comment: Have you ever wondered how well trained the person in the local restaurant or grocery store really is, when it comes to the safe handling of food? Checking some of the findings of the VIHA inspections may come as quite a shock to some who thought their favourite restaurant was 'safe'. A decline in quality staff is becoming more evident at many of the establishments which I frequent. In a city with over 3500 unemployed you might wonder why businesses seem to have a hard time finding staff. Is being unemployed more attractive than working for minimum wage?



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