Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Wind Caused Nanaimo Ferry to Hit Walkway

Overhead Walkway Knocked
Into Water By Coastal Renaissance

Last Saturday at about 2:30 pm as the Coastal Renaissance was coming in to dock at Departure Bay, a gust of wind caused the ferry to collide with the overhead walkway.

The impact caused the walkway to fall into the water, fortunately no one was on the walkway at the time. The ferry also sustained scraping during the incident.

Divers and a crane were able to retrieve the walkway which may or may not be able to be reused. In the meantime foot passengers enter the ferry via the lower car loading decks until the walkway is reinstalled.

At the time of the accident winds at the Nanaimo Airport were recorded as out of the north at 17 - 20 km/h.

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