Friday, June 20, 2008

More Bad Forestry News

Nanaimo Forestry Takes Another Blow

With the loss of nearly 750 good paying jobs with the closure of Harmac Mill and Madill Equipment, Nanaimo got some more bad news from Western Forest Products.

WFP has announced a province wide layoff of some 2000 workers for the next two months, citing declining demand for their products.

The WFP mill at Duke Point will layoff 100 employees for the summer but will retain about 50 workers to keep the planer running.

The WFP mill downtown has not announced layoffs yet, but some are expected although not expected to be as severe as Duke Point.

That means that in very recent history, Nanaimo has lost 850 family supporting jobs related to the forestry industry. I am sure that Alberta will be calling some of these people's name pretty soon as there are very few prospects in Nanaimo to replace these incomes.

To put this in a different light, consider that most of these jobs probably pay about 2 1/2 times as much as a retail job at $10/hr. That would equate to the loss of 2,125 jobs in the retail sector in the past few months.


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