Monday, October 06, 2008


Investing in Canadian jobs is part of Conservative plan to protect our economy

Prime Minister Stephen Harper today announced further steps to help ensure the long-term success of Canada’s regional economies for the benefit of communities facing economic challenges.

“We are proud to invest in the development of the economy and future Canadian jobs. This is part of our plan to manage the economy,” said the Prime Minister. “We recognize that the regions of Canada are unique. So we have made investments accordingly.”

Elements of the plan:

  • A re-elected Conservative Government will restore funding for regional development in the West, Quebec and Atlantic Canada – funding which was cut by the Liberal government in 2004 and 2005.
  • Rural and low-employment communities in Southern Ontario will have access to regional development programs. $10 million per year will be allocated for this purpose.
  • In total, a re-elected Conservative Government will provide $300 million in new funding over the next four years to the Department of Western Economic Diversification, the Economic Development Agency of Canada for Quebec Regions, and the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency.
  • As announced by Minister Blackburn September 25, additional support will be provided for the development of tourism infrastructure along the St. Lawrence River.

These steps complement the Prime Minister’s September 20 announcement that a re-elected Conservative Government will establish a new development agency for Northern Canada.

The Prime Minister also highlighted the Conservative Government’s record of commitment to regional development since taking office, including support for: companies in the manufacturing sector in Quebec, innovative research and development projects in Atlantic Canada and communities in British Columbia affected by the mountain pine beetle infestation.

“Lower taxes, debt reduction, affordable spending, focused investments – that’s our plan, a plan that is working,” said the Prime Minister. “And that is the choice. Real action to strengthen and protect the Canadian economy; or an opposition with no plan except deficits, higher taxes, higher prices, shifting priorities and enormous risk. We believe Canadians should choose stability and a clear direction for our economy on October 14.”


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