Monday, November 03, 2008



After missing many deadlines including the pouring of footings last May, Millenium/Suro has finally submitted an application for a development permit to build a hotel adjacent our new convention center.

The addition of this hotel is said to be vital to the success of our new convention center as the size of conventions being attracted is limited by downtown hotel space.

There are some hard questions which need answers, and election time is the time to ask.

Here are a few questions we should be asking those who are asking for our support during this coming Civic Election:

  • What proof does this City have, that Millenium can actually provide the funding required to complete this project?
  • Are the plans submitted with the development permit application actual blueprints of the project or are they merely 'drawings'. In other words, has Millennium actually invested in working blueprints for this project?
  • How much money has Millennium already been paid by the City and how much do they stand to forfeit if they do not hold up their end of the deal to build the hotel?
  • Is a hotel adjacent the new convention center actually a viable commercial enterprise? In other words will anyone be successful in raising the finances needed to build this hotel in the current economic climate?
  • Do the taxpayers in Nanaimo face any further financial exposure to see this hotel is brought to completion?

Now is the time to find out how your future Councillors will answer these questions and now is the time to evaluate how the existing Council has dealt with this matter.

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