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These are copies of the plans which Millennium has submitted to support their development permit. These plans are posted on the City of Nanaimo website and are the plans which the advisory panel has rejected as incomplete.

The first thing which jumps out from these plans is the layout of the rooms. For example the floor schedule for the 5th -17th floor shown above indicates 6 two bedroom suites complete with kitchen and 2 studio suites also with kitchen. The plan does not show any suites which would consist of a sleeping area and a bathroom, which is what I would expect from a hotel catering to short term convention goers.

A couple of other things are troubling about these plans which are as follows:

  • They were to have poured foundations last May, yet these plans are dated Oct. 24.
  • These plans at most would have taken a draftsmen maybe a day to throw together, meaning they have very little value if you wanted to use them to find another contractor.
  • You will notice that the floor plan shown and the floor schedule do not match up, which is another sign of a package hastily thrown together at the last moment.

I am certainly not qualified to say whether making all of your suites include a kitchen and 6 out of 8 suites being two bedroom units is the most desirable mix in a hotel catering to conventions, but I have some doubts.

I can't help but wonder what would happen if Millennium were to build this hotel according to this plan, and then decided to sell off the units rather than providing a hotel?

Mayor Korpan seems convinced that Millennium is the company to see this project through and has not indicated what kind of solid proof they have offered to support that opinion.

There is growing support to give Millennium their walking papers and put this whole project back out to tender. Of course there is always the question as to whether or not a hotel in this location will prove a viable venture over the long haul.

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  1. thanks so much for destroying downtown nanaimo and chasing away investorss, love a real estate agent from courtenay BC


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