Monday, November 03, 2008



There will be a meeting of all the candidates running for the position of Councillor in the upcoming Nanaimo Municipal Election.

The meeting is tonight Nov. 3 at the new Conference Center on Commercial St. downtown at 6:30PM in the Mt. Benson Ballroom D.

Come and hear what your future Councillors have to say about the issues facing Nanaimo in the coming years. An informed, involved electorate (that's YOU) is the only way a democracy can work to it's full potential. So come out and get informed!

Those running for City Council are:

  • Arnold, Jack
  • Bestwick, Bill
  • Bolin, Ron
  • Brunie, Brunie
  • Campbell, Rob
  • Cowling, Janet
  • Forbes, Bill
  • Fuller, Gordon
  • Greves, Ted
  • Holdom, Bill
  • Johnstone, Diana
  • Kipp, Jim
  • Lander, Timothy Stuart
  • MacDonald, Mark Allen
  • McGuffie, Blake
  • McNabb, Larry
  • Negrin, Angela
  • Pattje, Fred
  • Pearson, Troy Stephen
  • Sadhra, Mark
  • Saunders, TerryLynn
  • Schachner, Simon
  • Sherry, Loyd
  • Squire, Pat
  • Unger, Merv
  • Younger, James Guy
There will be another meeting tomorrow night of those candidates running for the office of Mayor.

For a list of email and website contact information for Council Candidates use this Nanaimo Info LINK.


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