Friday, December 05, 2008

Anti Coalition Rally Planned For Saturday in Nanaimo


It is reported in the local daily that 58 year old Randy O'Donnell is planning a rally tomorrow to protest the idea of a coalition government in Canada.

While that is the main focus of the rally O'Donnell is making the point that all members of parliament need to quit playing games and get on with the business of running the country.

The idea that the party who only exists to remove Quebec from Canada would have the power to stop any legislation the Liberal/NDP would present is totally unthinkable to O'Donnell.

The Liberals and NDP only have 114 seats in Parliament while the Conservatives have 143 meaning that the balance of power falls to the Bloc whose leader says he is representing the Nation of Quebec. The Liberal NDP coalition does not work without the Bloc supporting them, meaning they really are a part of the coalition.

The rally will be outside MP Jean Crowder's office at #4 - 77 Victoria Cr. at 10:00 am.


A recent Ipsos-Reid poll shows that nearly 70% of Canadians agree with the decision to prorogue Parliament while 56% said they would sooner have another election than be governed by a coalition. The poll shows the Conservatives have a 46% approval rating from those polled which would translate to a majority government if an election were called today.

The Tories were also considered by nearly 60% to be the best managers of the economy in these troubling times.


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