Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Canadian Politics - The Soap Opera


In one inept move last week Harper was able to do what no one else could, he solidly united the left with one piece of partisan politics at it's worst.

By seeking to remove funding of his political opponents under the guise of reducing government spending, Harper gave the opposition a common goal they all believe in; their own survival.

By proposing to take away political parties financing by the Canadian taxpayer he threatened to hobble his opponents in future elections. Make no mistake, regardless of how the opposition tries to spin this, that is the real reason for the farce we are now seeing.

If Harper ever intended to lead this minority parliament for the good of all Canadians he clearly has demonstrated a total lack of leadership skills by poking his opponents with a sharp stick with such an obvious low blow.

Unless he and his advisers are just plain stupid (and that is doubtful) or they think the electorate is just plain stupid (which is quite believable) there is no reason to stir the pot the way he has at this time.

If they really wanted to stop taxpayer funding of all parties, they should introduce it as a separate bill and give the opposition the ability to defeat it on it's own merits. They could then make political points with the taxpayer; but all they have done is allowed the opposition to muddy the issue.


Pretending they will bring down the government because they feel the Conservatives are waiting too long to bring in a new budget and a plan to stimulate the Canadian economy has given Canada the possibility of being governed by the Three Stooges.

If anyone thinks these three are the best choice to run the country, give your head a shake!

Stephane Dion managed to lead his party to the worst showing since confederation. His own party wants him gone and he will be after the next leadership convention. Yet somehow, the guy who could not lead his own party is now possibly going to lead Canada?

After all those months of claiming the NDP are different from the Liberals, Jack Layton suddenly is able to set aside all those principles and agree with the Liberals? Next election, remember that, and if you want a left leaning party, vote for the Liberals as Layton is proving there is really no difference.

Finally this whole coalition would be held together by the leader of the official traitors party who has no interest in Canada and in fact only exists to see Quebec removed from confederation. At the official signing of the 'agreement' with Dion and Layton, Gilles Duceppe referred to the fact he was representing the NATION of Quebec.

And who brokered this back room deal? The people we thought we were voting for? No, it was put together by Jean Chretien and Ed Broadbent, both members of the old boys club in good standing.

There is also evidence that the NDP and Bloc had come into an agreement to topple this government a long time ago. Clearly these two never intended to honor the wish of the voters and had this little power play in place for some time.

And you wonder why the electorate thinks the whole system is a joke?


It is often said that the Canadian electorate is becoming more and more disenchanted with politicians all the time. In fact the last federal election was one of, if not, the worst in terms of voter turnout in Canadian history.

That said, the Canadian people elected a Conservative government and their wishes should be respected. If the coalition of the Three Stooges is allowed our whole system will be a laughing stock and the majority of Canadians wishes would be trampled under foot.

The fact is our economy and banking system are fairing better than most other countries and regardless of what ANY government does, we will not be insulated from what is going on globally. No amount of government spending can prop up an economy that has some major challenges right now.

If the government decides to open the floodgates of government deficit spending to deal with the present problems they will have learned nothing from the current credit crisis.

What has the current credit crisis taught us? We can not keep using credit as if there is no tomorrow, as sooner or later the bill comes due!

To Harper and the Conservatives: quit the petty partisan politics and get on with the job you were elected to do. Give your enemies a very large olive branch, eat some humble pie and get down to business!

To the Three Amigos; quit your nonsense and offer the 'elected' government your constructive criticism and leave your campaign speeches for the next election.


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