Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Millenium Makes Last Minute Offer

Is This Council Just as Gullible?

It is reported in the local daily that the new mayor says this latest offer from Millennium 'comes close to satisfying councillors'. The article then went on to say that Millennium offered to return the hotel land and forfeit $250,000 if they do not complete the project

These are already the terms of their existing agreement, so what is it that they are offering that is new?

This new council seems just as gullible as the last one. They were elected saying they would take this hotel deal seriously, and so far all they are doing is what they did before.

Could it be that Millennium has our City Councillors and City Staff over the barrel and are really calling the shots on this deal? How come this whole deal is not being discussed in public?

What proof is Millennium offering that they have someone who is going to run a hotel on this site, and not just sell the units as condos? It still doesn't look like a typical hotel plan. It looks more like condos to me.


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