Monday, December 22, 2008

Nanaimo Gets More Snow And More To Come

Snow is Staying in Nanaimo This Time

The above is taken on the top of a patio table on my deck where the snow has accumulated undisturbed by wind etc.

There is now 20" or nealy 52cm accumulated over this past week of snow. The same spot measured 15" earlier in the day, meaning that unofficially 5" of snow fell yesterday. As you know, Nanaimo snow usually lasts for a day or two before it warms up and melts away.

Nanaimo drivers are just as unprepared and unskilled with winter driving as always with poor tires and driving habits evident everywhere.

While shoveling my drive yesterday, I heard my neighbour (who has not shoveled any snow at all) fighting with his car and wife, totally mystified as to why his car just kept spinning it's tires. I considered lending a hand but when I could smell burning rubber coming from his direction, I felt I was doing myself and others a favour by seeing this fellow stayed off the roads!

The snowplough came by once yesterday and made one pass up the middle of the road. This left about 6 feet of road at the end of my drive needing shoveling. It's bad enough keeping your own driveway clear, but when you have to start shoveling what the plough should be getting, it makes 'ya wonder. (Just my rant for the day!)

According to the weatherman, it is not over yet, with more on the way today and more forecast for the rest of the week. So don't put your shovel away and if you don't need to drive ... don't!


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