Saturday, December 27, 2008

Nanaimo Snow Begins To Melt

Bad News For Frosty

If Mr. Weatherman has it right (and he is almost never wrong), the next few days should see a lot of our snow begin to disappear. Temperatures, even overnight are expected to stay above freezing which means we should be in for a gradual melt.

This would be a good time to remind you to watch out for the potential for flooding as melting snow produces a lot of water which may have no place to go if drains are blocked.

This may also be the time you will find broken waterpipes which had frozen during our cold spell. Do you know where your water shutoff is? Now's a good time to find out.

It was nice (debatable) while it lasted, and Nanaimo had a rare white Christmas, but I think most Nanaimo residents will be more than pleased to get back to the familiar liquid sunshine we are more used to.


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