Friday, December 26, 2008

Nanaimo Weather Confusing

Local Palm Trees Confused by Nanaimo Weather

The usual temperate and delightful winters normally enjoyed by Nanaimo, which have earned the name of being the banana belt; have taken a confusing turn this year.

It seems that in an effort to demonstrate unity with the rest of Canada, Nanaimo weather this year has chosen to adopt a more typical Canadian feel.

This has caused considerable confusion with some exotic plants totally unfamiliar with the solid, white substance which seems to be hanging around this year.

If the 80 centimeters we have received so far weren't enough the weatherman is calling for another 5 - 10cm of snow today before the temperatures return to what is normal for Nanaimo.

If you are up to it, there will be the annual Polar Bear Swim at Departure Bay Beach today. Dont' forget to bring the suntan lotion and wide brim hat to avoid sunstroke. :^)


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