Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Be Careful Around Rivers and Streams

Nanaimo Fire and Rescue Offers
Good Advice

The BC River Forecast Centre advised that over the next few days heavy rainfall
(100 – 150 mm) is expected on West Vancouver Island (Port Renfrew to Gold
River); lesser rainfall amounts (20 – 50 mm) are forecast for East Vancouver
Island (Parksville to Victoria). The combined rain and snowmelt will raise river
levels on the island and a stream flow warning has been issued.

Nanaimo Fire Rescue would like to provide some safety tips for residents as it is
anticipated that water levels rise in Nanaimo and area
  • In addition to increasing water levels the speed at which the water moves will increase and could potentially carry debris. Stay away from moving waters.
  • Avoid small creeks and rivers as their channels tend to be narrow and can fill up quickly. Also, eroded banks result in unstable ground.
  • Most importantly, keep children and pets away from stream banks
  • Be careful of pooling water along roadways and take precaution when driving.
  • Check perimeter drains around your property and ensure they are clear of ice and debris.
Please ensure that you keep a safe distance from the waters edge and remind
children and teenagers of the dangers.


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