Monday, January 12, 2009

Gas Price Fixing Needs to Stop

Nanaimo Drivers Victims of Price Fixing?

On January 12/08 at 8:50AM there were 23 gas stations reported on the website Gas Buddy and each and every station had a reported price of exactly 88.9 per litre!

If these stations are not guilty of price fixing (which seems unprovable) what in the world are the chances that each and every station would decide to charge exactly the same price for their product and come to that decision at the same time? I am certain the odds of that happening by chance are astronomical.

What justification is there for slamming Nanaimo drivers with a 16% price hike in one day when you consider that the price of oil dropped by 14% last Thurs. and Fri. and has dropped once again this morning to less than $39 US per barrel. The only logical answer that seems to make any sense would be corporate greed, plain and simple.

For the purpose of comparison consider some of these prices, reported on Gas Buddy this morning:

Nanaimo 88.9
Canadian Average 78.9
Aldergrove 77.9
Revelstoke 75.9
Calgary 68.9
Toronto 73.9
Ottawa 71.5

During this current time of economic uncertainty can governments continue to sit by and allow this corporate gouging to continue unchallenged? Every cent the big oil companies suck out of your pocket is a cent you don't have to spend elsewhere. What kind of a negative impact does this kind of corporate greed have on the overall economy and the common good?

How many dollars did the big oil companies syphon out of the economy over this past year and what kind of an impact has that had on overall consumer health? Does anyone know? Does anyone care?


If you think that enough is enough, let your elected official know what you think and insist they bring the full force of government to bear, clearly greed is the only thing which dictates corporate action currently.

Sample letter to your elected official (if you wish, copy and paste the following and send it to your elected officials):

I am tired of being robbed every time I fill up my automobile and am asking you, as my elected representative to do something about it.

Does the government not have the ability to prove that consumers in Nanaimo are being victimized by obvious price fixing and price gouging?

On Jan. 12/08, 23 gas stations in Nanaimo were all reported as selling gasoline for the exact same price of 88.9 per litre, what further proof is needed of price fixing?

This price jumped by 16% last Friday which is ironic as oil prices fell by 14% within the past few days.

This highway robbery has got to be having a serious impact on our current economic crisis as every penny going into the oil company pockets is a penny not being spent elsewhere.

I urge you to bring the full force of your office to bear and get to the bottom of this price fixing and price gouging and hold these companies accountable.


Send a copy of this letter to your elected officials using the following:

Prime Minister Harper email to:
Premier Campbell email to:
James Lunney MP use this contact link.
Jean Crowder MP use this contact link.
Leonard Krog MLA use this contact link.
Ron Cantelon MLA email

If enough people make an issue of this, something can be done, if however all you do is complain and keep getting hosed then stop complaining!


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