Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Kipp Wants To Stop Salary Increase Other Councillors Disagree

Councillor Kipp Wants to Stop Increase

It is reported today in the local daily that Councillor Jim Kipp would like to see himself and fellow Councillors decline the scheduled salary increase this year.

Kipp says that given the current city budget which will increase taxes by 5.3% while at the same time reducing services; Councillors should demonstrate their willingness to take a hit.

Since 2005 Nanaimo City Council has not set their own salaries but rahter adopted a policy which would see their increase determined by the average of 10 other, similar sized municipalities.

Councillor McNabb Thinks Increase Deserved

Councillor Larry McNabb is quoted as saying the raise is deserved and that if other Councillors do not wish to take the increase, they don't have to. He on the other hand expects his raise which he feels entitled to.

Currently City Councillors are paid $25,439 and the Mayor is paid $76,911. This I presume does not include any benefits which may come with the position such as medical coverage etc.

What do you think? Let your Mayor and Council know where you stand, and they just might listen.


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